Tuesday, 11 January 2011

6 Things you didn't know about me

Hey friends :), I decided to do a post on myself so you guys get to know a bit about me, without going into too much detail...( I thought it rather rude that I had started a blog and not give an insight into my life).

6 Things about ME 

1- My favourite colour is pink and it has been since I was a little girl ( I have lived in three different houses and each of my bedrooms has been decorated in pink)

2- I am currently saving up for a ''PINK'' mini cooper :D.. I have £100 saved and it looks like its staying that way :( But I am hoping with lots of praying and a Super rich boy sweeping me off my feet I may get my Mini soon. 

3- I am addicted to apple and strawberry sweets ( My poor teeth eek!

4- I am obsessed with Makeup especially MAC I would spend my last £20.00 On a MAC foundation ( hence why I decided to do a beauty blog:)

5- My favourite artist at the moment is Nicki Minaj, When I found out she was teaming up with MAC to create a lipstick ( Pink Friday sadly not available any more :( ) I loved her even more.

6- If I was stranded on a deserted Island and could only have two things with me, I would choose my Blackberry and My makeup bag, the reason being if I get rescued by a sexy male I can look pretty and I can then take his number later ;P