Friday, 14 January 2011

Choosing the right foundation

Choosing the ''RIGHT'' Foundation can be extremely difficult and daunting, I have been wearing makeup since I was 14 (I used to sneak behind my mom's back and wear it ha-ha).I am now 19 years old and I started wearing the correct foundation and the correct colour when I was 18 ( Shocking I know!! ). When I started out wearing Foundation I used Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse in the shade cocoa, My best friend introduced me to this as she used to wear Dream Matte Mousse in the shade Sun Beige. I thought finally I can wear a decent foundation which is the right shade for my skin tone ''perfect'', it was a bargain also at £4.99. This was the worst makeup Faux Pax EVER!! 
 The foundation was thick, it looked caked on although I would only use a generous amount, the foundation looked caked on and made my face look ( What's the correct word to use ''PLASTIC'' ). I thought that the foundation just did not agree with my skin, But the same thing happened to my friend.. Anyway needless to say we moved on.
I went into MAC Makeup Cosmetics with a completely blank face so a Make up artist could match me up with my correct colour, I wanted a foundation that gave me medium to full coverage and made me look flawless. 
The makeup artist picked out Studio Fix Fluid SPF15 Foundation in the shade NW47, This made my face look absoulutley perfect, flawless and not oily I cannot stress to you guys how good this foundation is ( Except that I mention it in nearly every post ) I have now been using this foundation for over a year. I always get asked by people what foundation I am wearing and send them off to MAC to purchase it themselves. ( I could have shares in this company haha)
If you are looking for a foundation that gives you a flawless,medium coverage and makes you look photo ready. Studio Fix is the right foundation it comes in a range of shades to suit all skin tones. 

You can purchase this foundation from any MAC Cosmetics store, In the UK it is available from House of Fraser and Selfridge's Here is a link to website so you can purchase it Online :) 

Here is a picture of me wearing Studio Fix Fluid accompanied with; Mac Blot Powder pressed   in shade DEEP DARK £17.50 and MAC Powder Blush in shade DESERT ROSE £17.00.