Sunday, 9 January 2011

MAC Lipstick Guide

I used to be a lipgloss girl and never really took an interest in lipstick as I though there was far to many different types and shades to choose from, far too confusing for me :|! However  about 2 years ago I decided that I should give lipstick a try, So I went for a MAC consultation and asked them to pick out 3 lipsticks that would suit my skin tone. The three lipsticks the lady picked picked out for me were; 
 Girl about town 

 London life 


Needless to say I chose girl about town and that has been my favourite lipstick since, Celebrities seen sporting the MAC Girl about town lipstick include Beyonce and Kim Kardashian. 

I know choosing the right lipstick can be extremely daunting, so I thought I would write a Mini guide to choosing the right MAC lipstick and the different types available. Please note that this is a guide based on the basic MAC lipstick.
 Ok so there are 9 different finishes;
  • Amplified 
  • Amplified Creme
  • Cremesheen
  • Dazzle
  • Frost
  • Glaze
  • Lustre
  • Matte
  • Satin 
And this is what makes them different from each other!

  • Amplified and Amplified Creme: These two are in the same “family” – both are soft and creamy, have a medium-to-high level of pigment and coverage, with a glossy finish.  I think the difference is that Amplified Cremes are… creamier (to state the obvious).
  • Cremesheen: They are, as the name suggests, creamy and glossy.  They are also well pigmented.  The “Creme d’Nude” colour has been a MAC bestseller since forever.
  • Dazzle: Very glittery – each lipstick has “micro-glitter” particles in it, so they have a very sparkly finish.  I think the glitter in these is even more concentrated than in the Dazzleglass glosses, so if you like very high-impact, glittery lips these are for you.
  • Frost: These lipsticks are quite sheer, and always shimmery.
  • Glaze: Very sheer and translucent.  These are very subtle, extremely low coverage, and can almost just look transparent.  The only glaze lipstick I have is “Hue”, which is probably the most highly pigmented glaze available.  I don’t like it too much as my lips tend to be dry, and if I put it straight onto dry lips it actually accentuates the dryness.  Glazes are best layered over other lipsticks.
  • Lustre: These have a glossy, wet-look finish, and quite a good colour payoff.
  • Matt: Quintessential matt lipstick.  As with most matt products they tend to be drying on the lips, but have great colour payoff, pigmentation and coverage.
  • Satin: Think matt with a teeny tiny bit of gloss.  Like matt lipsticks, they are highly pigmented, give great coverage and are long-lasting, but unlike matts they are not too drying.
This is a helpful guide to choosing a MAC lipstick if you don't have a clue where to start
I hope you find the perfect MAC lipstick :D 
Happy Shopping Makeup gal's