Sunday, 16 January 2011

What's going on with me update :D

Hey :), so as you guys now I went to see Drizzy Drake on Friday, Let me just say I loved every moment of it :D:D:D:D ( He didn't call me up on stage though :( ) Needless to say I had a FABULOUS time I love him 10 times more now, ( yes I am a proud groupie )
Sadly I lost my camera :'( so all the pictures I had taken were in vain.
You may or may not know that I have a partner, But things are not going so well with us at the moment he just doesn't appreciate me, last night I was sitting in my bed crying feeling sorry for myself then I thought to myself, '' I'm to fly to be feeling like this boy's suck '' so ive decided that I am not going to shed another tear for him and you know the saying'' If you love someone let them go if they come back that's how you know'' 
I am back to university tommorow which I am so glad about I will be able to take my mind off things :).

So how are you guys? Do you have anything you'd like to share or perhaps some relationship advice I would love to hear from you :D 
Sorry if I've bored you to death with this post but I see you guys as my friends and its nice for you to get a little insight into my life, so feel free to comment away :D

Love you guys